Summer School at LUE

08 – 11  July 2024


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Should you be interested in participating in any program item or contribution, we would be delighted! For planning purposes, please send a brief email to


Travelling to Ludwigsburg from the Stuttgart Airport

Welcome to Germany! We hope you had a safe flight! Look out for the green tram logo. It has a white S written inside:  Datei:S-Bahn-Logo.svg

Take the stairs down. Now take the S2 via Schorndorf from track 2 to Stuttgart Main Station. You will arrive underground at track 102. Stay there and wait for either the S4 via Backnang/Marbach or S5 via Bietigheim-Bissingen. Both will take you to Ludwigsburg Main Station. Attention! If you need to go to the LUE campus, take the S4 to Favoritepark station. S5 does NOT go to the LUE Campus.

Travelling by train to LUE Campus

The S4 via Backnang/Marbach you can board in Stuttgart. The main station for the tram in Stuttgart Main Station (Hauptbahnhof) is underground. The tram S4 departs from track 102. It also goes through Ludwigsburg. When boarding in Ludwigsburg (usually track 2), the LUE campus is only one station away. The next station »Ludwigsburg Favoritepark« is where you need to exit. As soon as you exit the train, go to your left and follow the stairs downstairs. Go to your right and cross the street. The main LUE builing is right infront of you across the parking space.

Travelling by bus to LUE Campus

The Bus 424 from Ludwigsburg main station brings you to the bus station »Ludwigsburg Pädagogische Hochschule«. Please remember: You need to push the red button STOP for the bus to actually stop at the destignated station. When exiting at »Ludwigsburg Pädagogische Hochschule« go to your left and follow the sidewalk taking a slight right turn. To your right you can already see the LUE campus. 


Wifi on Campus

There will be Wifi provided to you on campus. If you are connected to Eduroam/Easyroam via your home institution it is also possible to use it at some spots in the city.


Should you need additional internet access for the week, there is the option to purchase a subscription through eSIM cards. These can be obtained from mobile phone shops in downtown Ludwigsburg, such as Telekom, O2, and Freenet. Also you can find them online.


Information and Area Recommendations

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